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Contemplative Paintings | words as art…

Primary to Mr. Hasson’s work are the Paintings which incorporate words as art. Inspired by themes, ideas, images or people. Randall joins word and image to the page to create Contemplative Paintings meant to inspire the process of contemplation in the viewer. The depth and complexity of the paintings invites serious pondering…
These works are typically specific to a theme, text or inspirational context.
Please enjoy the unique blend of Mr. Hasson’s work.

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Available Original Paintings  |  Limited Edition Giclee’ Prints 


Family Blessings   |  Prints Available

A painting containing scriptural blessings
originally commissioned for a family home

To Know His Thoughts   Original Available |  Prints Available A painting about the discoverers, and the inventors… those who want to know the “why” of things. Those who think “outside the box”


Repentance        Original Available | Prints Available            A poem of repentance to the Native, Hispanic, African peoples. by Valerie Hasson


Come to the Waters   |   Original Available   |  Prints Available A painting about the Invitation to the Practice of the Presence of God.

Original Available | Prints Available

Forever   | Prints Available An illustration of the scriptural description of heavenly riches and indescribable light.

Forever  Original Available | Prints Available
An illustration of the scriptural description of heavenly riches and indescribable light.

First Light      Original Available |  Prints Available “First Light” is a painting about the hope and inspiration during the quiet time of the early morning.

“On the Path” Original Available | Prints Available A tribute to the joy of guiding the children.



Stand Beside Me  Original | Prints Available
Our cry from the darkness in an attempt at hearing the Voice of God.


Angel of the Sun  Original Available / Prints Available
The brilliance of an angel – a being made of movement and light – stunningly portrayed by the use of reflective paints and accompanied by inspiring text.

Whisperings   | Prints Available A reminder to listen to the soft still voice of God.

Whisperings  Original Available | Prints Available
A reminder to listen to the soft still voice of God.


Limited Edition Prints Only are Available on the Following Paintings 

Man in the Arena

Man in the Arena   Prints Available
Mans daily struggle in a spiritual perspective, centered around Theodore Roosevelt’s Man in the Arena text.

2 Responses to Originals | Prints

  1. Gina Pettrow says:

    I am sooo excited to find you again! I bought the “Family Blessing” approximately 30 years ago from where you visited and sold your art at First Family Church in Whittier. We were a young couple and it really moved me how God’s word is living and breathing in the atmosphere accomplishing what it was sent out for and not returning void. So powerful and I have kept hanging up beautifully framed in my home and adventures of life. I always wondered the story behind it and also the scriptures – Thank you for posting the background and references! Thank you for your anointed art and particular the living scriptures declaring God’s goodness…

    I found you through a folding card of “Inviting The Presence” tucked away in some cards – not sure when or how I got it (love it), but it dawned on me that the artist may be the same – and YES, it was an answer to prayer I’ve had over the years and recently actually tried to figure out on my own with no luck. Really just had to share how grateful I am and how special your art has been in our home and testimony for those visiting.

    Would love to chat if interested. God Bless all you do!

  2. Tina Aleto says:

    Hello, A friend of mine has one of your paintings , I think it’s called Remember .
    Can you tell me a little bit about it .
    I love what it says .
    Thank you
    Do you have more to purchase


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