Fine Art

Original Paintings | Created in Acrylic on Large Canvas or Oils on smaller canvas – Mr. Hasson’s original paintings have been made available for over 15 years and grace the homes and offices of collectors all over the world.

Legacy Commissions | Unique portraits of family, business, corporations and people which document the lives or history of the subject.  Mr Hasson has been commissioned by many to create paintings which combine image and words to leave a legacy of remembrance.

Limited Edition Giclee Prints | Due to demand, most of Mr. Hasson’s original paintings have been produced in limited edition prints on canvas and fine paper in multiple sizes to accommodate collectors.

Calligraphy |  Calligraphic Works and Collaborations are unique pieces specially designed for collectors, clients, workshops and books.  Some prints may be available.

Open Edition Prints  | Several popular images have been produced in open edition fine paper prints such as  Delight, Glory, The Evangelist, The Destination, The Writing Lesson.

Greeting Cards | Some paintings are available in greeting cards of single images or multiple image packs.

SPECIAL PROJECTS | Various projects or collaborations with other artists, groups or collectors.


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