Randall The Pirate

Randall the Pirate

Sometimes it pays to be lucky!

I was contacted by a producer who was in the process of producing “The Pirates of The Caribbean” movie onto DVD. For the DVD version, they were going to add a scene of the captain (who has been taken prisoner and thrown in the brig of his own ship) writing a letter. An internet search for calligraphy eventually led him to my site, and I was contracted to shoot the scene.

I was asked to prepare some pages with a script that might reflect a 17th century hand, and in addition I prepared a “Captain’s Log” for the shoot.

The DVD version was released in December, 2003. You can find the scenes by going to the 2nd DVD, and selecting “Below Decks”, and then “A Prisoner’s Tale”. My writing scenes are the intro to each of the historical segments.